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Top 4 Washing Machines For 2019

Are you thinking about purchasing a new washing machine? Well, one of the most important aspects to consider before purchasing an appliance of this sort, is to check out past customer reviews. So to make your life and work easier, we’ve put together washing machine reviews for the best available on the market this year.

1. Samsung Addwash Washing Machine

Picture this: you’ve piled up most of the clothing from your home, dumped it into the laundry basket and are ready to push it into the washing machine. After you do so, and start the wash cycle, you suddenly discover a stray sock or an unkempt napkin in your son’s bedroom. This is an instance that generally spoils the day for all moms. But fear not, Samsung’s Addwash has brought in a cool solution to this.

The best and most recognised feature in washing machine reviews for this device is the small opening above the front-loading capacity. This lets you throw the stray sock you just found and not disturb the cycle. It takes care of the rare dripping of water or leakage during a cycle. At the meagre price of $ 999, with features like compatibility to a Smart Home app, 30 minute wash cycles, and a steam cleanser for that extra freshness, the Samsung Addwash Washing Machine is a definite buy!

2. Kenmore ELite 31633

The Kenmore Elite 31633 has been ranked the “best all-round washing machine” by most washing machine reviews. It is a top-loading washing machine that has the best score for stain removal and can be purchased at Sears for a bargain price of $ 1,100!

With a whopping cumulative rating of 9.5 on performance, you can be sure that this bad boy with satiate all your cleanliness “cravings”. It dishes out clean clothes like the part of an assembly line and will not disappoint you when you look at it for a sophisticated design as well.

3. Electrolux EFLS617S

Most consumers these days cannot let go of their front-loading washing machines. They have gotten used to it. Moreover, it proves to be convenient at times when they have to multitask. So, we present to you, the widely praised in washing machine reviews product – the Electrolux EFLS617S, a front-loading washing machine!

It is a $ 1,099 product from Electrolux that has an impeccable score for stain removal, making it a great bargain for its price. Think of the most rigorous of stains, then you must think of this capable product. It is a cool and very uncomplicated washing machine that scores high on design and, surprisingly, high on functionality and usability as well. It performs flawlessly under pressure and is available for purchase online.

 4. LG Signature WM9500HKA

Thinking about splurging last month’s pay on a washing machine? The LG Signature WM9500HKA can prove to be a lavish Valentine’s gift that your wife might never forget!

Washing machine reviews have praised this device as one of the top splurges in this category, it is a luxurious pick with a steamer to die for. It has an illuminated interior and a wonderful app that you can download on your phone and other devices, to control and schedule new cycle options. The app also updates you once your washing cycle is complete, so that you are in-the-know, no matter where you are. It can be purchased from Home Depot for a lavish price of $ 1,799.99.

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